Overview of facilities


Since relocating to the Kerry Packer Building in 2005, the growth and development of the Kids Research Institute has in large part been due to the wonderful new facilities provided by the building and across the Westmead Hub including Australia's first Gene and Cell Medicine Facilities, used to modify human cells for the purpose of gene therapy. The first use of this facility was in early 2008 for the production of reagents to be used in trialing a gene therapy strategy to improve the treatment for children receiving chemotherapy for brain tumours.

Also opened during this period was the Paediatric Gait Analysis Lab, which facilitates research for children with ambulatory disorders, including those with neuromuscular disorders, those with fragile bones, children rehabilitating from injury and those with cerebral palsy.

The Australian Children's Clinical Trials Centre supports all our clinical investigators and industry partners wishing to conduct paediatric clinical trials, and is envisioned to become a leading global centre in this field.

Our Tumour Bank supports research into childhood malignancies by collecting and storing tumour samples which are made available to researchers working to reduce the incidence of, and to improve the outlook of, children with cancer.

Our current microscopy services encompass a suite of light and electon microscope facilities and image analysis technologies, and funding is being sought to further expand these.

The development and commissioning of these new facilities positions us at the very forefront of organisations carrying out translational research.