Clinical Research Centre

The Clinical Research Centre conducts paediatric clinical research and clinical trials, providing services for clinical investigators and industry partners wishing to conduct clinical research at the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network.

The Clinical Research Centre provides direct access to the expertise and facilities offered by The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Kids Research Institute. Our institutions have 300 researchers and see > 500,000 children and adolescents (per annum), including one third of the NSW aboriginal paediatric population.

We enable paediatric clinical investigators and industry partners to conduct their paediatric research, by providing:

Secure storage of data, drugs, devices and clinical trial consumables
Strategies for implementation of policies, systems and standards
GCP and other clinical trials specific training opportunities
 Templates for essential clinical trial documentation
 Ethics and governance submissions advice
Collaboration with clinical trial networks
Guidelines for document management
Biostatistical evaluation and analyses
Access to supporting clinical services
Assistance with hiring of study staff
Protocol and budget development
Feasibility assessments support

Available resources include:

Kids Research Centre conference room, meeting rooms and call centre rooms
Turner Ward: a hospital ward equipped to host clinical and research activities
A dedicated and monitored storage area for clinical trials' pharmaceuticals
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Human Research Ethics Committee
Research Governance review and approval of Site Specific Asessments
Four consultation rooms dedicated to clinical research
Capacity for inpatient and outpatient studies
Senior Biostatistician consultation
Kids Research Advisory Group (see video)


Amy Boland
Clinical Research Centre Manager (Westmead)
+61 2 9845 3505

Dr Leon Heron
Medical Manager, Clinical Research
+ 61 2 9845 1410

Eshwini Tadiyal
Start-Up Specialist
+61 2 9845 3048

Twinkle Bahaduri
Clinical Trials Coordinator
+61 2 9845 3688

Helen Knight
Clinical Trials Coordinator
+61 2 9845 3512

Jenni Lampard
Clinical Trials Coordinator
+61 2 9845 1408

Dr Jane Ho
Staff Specialist, Clinical Research
+61 2 9845 1427

Dr Thomas Allen
Fellow, Clinical Research
+61 2 9845 0122

Liz Barnes
Senior Statistician
+61 2 9845 3068

Nisha Berthon-Jones
Clinical Research Centre Manager (Randwick)
+61 2 9382 1757