Hear more about research at KRI

"Your child: the centre of your universe, the centre of our research."

Professor Chris Cowell, Director, Kids Research Institute

Researchers at the Kids Research Institute (KRI) are committed to discovering new ways to help improve the health of children. Our vision is to become a world leading translational research centre for children.

Our current research includes:

  • understanding the way diseases and medical conditions develop in the bodies of children, known as Basic Science
  • developing better diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment for children, known as Clinical Research and
  • understanding the impact of both health and disease across the broader population of children and the community, known as Population Health Research

Our researchers are driven by needs that are identified from their clinical experience and exposure to the children who are treated within The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

In order for us to become a world leader in translational research, we will be making significant investments in:

  • Discovery of new knowledge about how diseases work, diagnostic methods, new treatments
  • Translation of basic science, clinical research and population health research outcomes into clinical practice within the Hospital and community
  • Operation of the Australian Children's Clinical Trials Centre to increase the number of treatments both effective and safe for use in children
  • Working collaboratively locally, nationally and internationally to improve the health of children

For further information, please contact the on 9845 1400.